About Crypto Boom

You can Be in Control of What Your Trading and Why You Are Trading It If You Join This Advanced Trading Platform

The Starting of Crypto Boom

In 2013, the founder of Crypto Boom landed on a social media thread that talked about Bitcoin and how it was the future of the financial framework of the world. Upon some digging and investigation, the genius mind behind Crypto Boom realized that there was some great potential hiding behind Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency world as a whole. His keenness to learn more about this new technology and how it worked got them interested in the idea of trading on Bitcoin.

The learning had begun at this point followed by a search for a platform that gave him access to Bitcoin trading. This soon revealed to him that there was a huge piece missing in the online world of trading of that time. Most of the platforms were still catering to conventional financial markets and completely ignoring the people whose main interest was to trade on Bitcoin. It soon became evident that he had to be the first person to work on such a platform. The work began in early 2015.

Several developers had to be tested before the final person was decided to work on the project. The founder of Crypto Boom was in search of not just a developer but a person who also saw the potential in Bitcoin that he did. After working on the platform for 3 years, he was finally able to try it out himself for the first time in 2018. With a few aesthetic changes, the platform was launched in the middle of 2018 and soon caught the attention of aspiring Bitcoin investors from around the world.

The Crypto Boom Team’s Mission

The team continues to accomplish the mission of staying one step ahead of the trends in the Bitcoin trading world. Rather than going with the trend, it wants to be counted among the trend setters.

The Crypto Boom Team’s Vision

The team aims to be that place for Bitcoin traders that they can rely on for all their Bitcoin trading needs. Its goal is to be dedicated to Bitcoin trading and set itself apart from other part-time platforms that don’t have a specific focus and continue to offer distractions as part of their online trading experience.