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It should be pretty safe to say that you've at least heard of Bitcoin. It came out of nowhere in 2017 and shook the financial landscape like nothing ever has before.

The implications that one little piece of technology had for the future of finance were enough to make the world listen, at least for a while.

This era, in 2017, was called the Bitcoin boom. Its price was growing every single day, bringing more and more investors on board.

As any economist worth their weight would tell you, though, this wasn't built to last. The onslaught of investors hoping on the trend was creating artificial value in Bitcoin. Eventually, that artificial value stopped, and the Bitcoin bubble went pop.

Most of the world stopped listening, even as Bitcoin recovered. We didn't, though. We kept our ear to the ground and realized the potential that Bitcoin still held, hence why we decided to create the Bitcoin Boom app.

Why Bitcoin Boom?

There are a lot of different trading platforms out there, so why use Bitcoin Boom? We have a couple of reasons.

Superior Technology

The technology that we've built for Bitcoin Boom is homegrown, which is a lot more than other trading apps can say. A lot of these app developers are recycling old code and just modifying it in some way. All of the fundamental tech is the same.

Bitcoin Boom doesn't buy into that idea. Everything we've done with the platform has been created from scratch for Bitcoin Boom. It's a trading experience that no other platform can compare to.

No Charges

A lot of trading platforms get money from one of three ways: first, it might charge a signup fee to new users. Alternatively, it charges an ongoing subscription fee. Lastly, it might get a commission on each of the trades you make.

Regardless of which method, or methods are used, the end result is that you end up getting charged. We think this makes Bitcoin less accessible, which is the opposite of what we want.

That's why we've decided to provide Bitcoin Boom completely free of charge. We make our money from partnerships with various Bitcoin exchanges, meaning you can use our services without losing a penny of your earnings.

Built with Passion

A lot of the trading apps out there have been built by developers, not traders. There's a distinct lack of expert knowledge and passion that really shines through when you use it.

Bitcoin Boom, on the other hand, is a project that has been led by early Bitcoin investors from the start. We recruited a team of developers to help bring our vision to life, but the project is under our expert supervision.

The History of Bitcoin

Despite what a lot of people may think, Bitcoin was not created in 2017. That's when the boom happened, but it had already been in circulation since 2009. That's around the time that we took notice of it. Even back then, the morals and technology of the coin were fascinating. It's thanks to this early notice that Bitcoin Boom exists in the first place. Our founding team was one of the first waves of investors into the coin.

It didn't attract much attention from the wider world in its early years, although it did grow in price by a dollar or two every so often. However, in 2017 a single cryptocurrency investor made a phenomenally big move into Bitcoin. This drove the price up exponentially overnight and started what would soon become an out of control snowball effect.

As a result of the price jump so dramatically, other investors started to notice, and they too got on board. As a result of that, the mainstream media started to notice Bitcoin and began reporting on it. As a result of that, even more traders were jumping in on the coin. If it's not obvious by now, the result was that Bitcoin became massively bloated. Eventually, though, that bubble popped.

In the years since Bitcoin has seen a massive recovery and rise to prominence. Not only did it recover its value and start growing more steadily, but it also proved to be the most stable investment when the 2020 pandemic hit. Bitcoin had the fastest recovery rate out of everything hit by the virus, which only served to highlight how strong and stable the coin has become.

Why You Should Invest in Bitcoin

Everybody has their own motivations for wanting to trade Bitcoin. For some people, it's purely financial. For others, it's more moral and philosophical.

How you look at this dictates how you go about trading it, so you need to make that decision for yourself.

From a financial standpoint, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency as a whole is one of the easiest types of trading to get involved with. It gives you a great starting point to launch your trading journey.

From a philosophical point of view, though, Bitcoin has an exponentially larger impact on you and on society as a whole. It's a device that can be used to wrestle economic control away from the banks and governments. It's essentially a libertarian's holy grail.

Even if you don't buy into that political ideology, it's going to give you a level of anonymity that no other currency in the world can. Your Bitcoin accounts and transactions are private. The only people that can see them are you, which is a lot more than you can say for the dollar or the euro.

How the Process Works

Our registration process has been streamlined to make it as accessible as possible for you.
There are three steps.

step 1

Step 1.

You need to sign up for an account. We're going to ask you a series of basic questions so that we can do some verification work.

step 2

Step 2.

With that out of the way, you need to make your initial deposit. Don't worry; you get to keep 100% of this.

step 3

Step 3.

That's all there is to it. All you have to do now is start trading.


Over the years of being involved with Bitcoin, the Bitcoin Boom team have been asked all sorts of interesting questions. Some of these questions are more common than others, though, so we've compiled them all for you down here.

How does Bitcoin have value?

This is a fantastic question and one that traditional traders have a hard time wrapping their heads around. Most people are used to the price of something tradable being related to a tangible thing in the real world.

Stocks are indicative of a real company's earnings, and commodities are real items like gold and tobacco that can be sold in the real world. 

Bitcoin is none of these things, though. It's entirely digital. However, it derives its value from encrypted code. Every single bit of every single Bitcoin is unique. It's an individual line of code that is encrypted and cannot be replicated. This is where Bitcoin gets its value from.

How is Bitcoin made if it's digital?

How Bitcoin is made may just be the single most important thing about the coin. Whereas a group of people decides when and how many dollars to print at any given time, there is no such human interference in the Bitcoin creation process.

Instead, the Bitcoin network uses freshly minted Bitcoin to pay for the service of independent miners. These miners are the people that keep the network up and running.

The entire process is automated, meaning that the network isn't going to create more Bitcoin because it might be a solution to some issues that need fixing.

The consequences of this creation methodology are incredibly far-reaching and one of the more impactful things that the trading landscape has seen in countless years.

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